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UX Design School Authorship

JayJay UX Writing Course

In January of 2020 I created my first UX Writing course for a Ukrainian school of design and tech Projector. It was a fun and rewarding experience and the course got popular but since I lived in Canada, I handed over the rights and stepped away from leading it as a mentor. 

A year later, by the end of 2021, a few Ukrainians living in Indonesia saw a perfect market fit for a UX Writing course in that area and opened a local design school JayJay. They approached me since I already had the right experience and I took on the challenge.

Company / 

JayJay School

Role / 

Course author

Duration / 

8 months


Dates / 


My impact

Structure and planning

Before I sat down to create the materials, I had to structure all of the knowledge I had, distill it into concrete course plan, accommodate such nuances like business goals and team work to create a comprehensive program.

Lectures and supporting materials

The next part was creating course decks. I tried to make sure that every lecture is around 30 minutes long because it's the average time a person is susceptible to new information. I also developed home tasks for each lecture and added helpful links to related books, articles, and videos.

Recording and follow-ups

I recorded a total of 13 lectures + separate intros, and created home tasks for each. I've also recorded a promo video with a videographer and provided images for promo materials.

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Global UX

The course is currently running with Indonesian mentors who are a perfect fit and help us bridge the language and culture gap between the international UX Writing patterns and what's accepted and popular in Indonesia.

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The work

The insides of the course combine fact-heavy slides with fun and interactive learning. I tried to be animated and engaging in my delivery, made a continuous emphasis on empathy, clarity, and brevity.

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Public speaking is one of my favorite things. I know, I know, it's topping the list of most common fears, followed by death. But I love it.
The pandemic and remote work were extremely hard for an extraverted, public-loving person like myself.


Delivering lectures and sharing knowledge through online courses was the next best thing. I'm very grateful I got to do it and looking forward to more workshops and lectures in our hybrid future.

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