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Influencer marketing app

Shopify Collabs Redesign

In the beginning of 2022, Shopify purchased Dovetale — a platform that allowed merchants to find creators who'd be a good fit for promoting their products. Shopify had to first reskin the platform to make it fit into the ecosystem, and later completely redesign it and add multiple features. 

The reimagined app launched under the name of Shopify Collabs.

Company / 



Role / 

Content Designer

Duration / 

1,4 years


Dates / 


Project brief

User problems

  • Internet is too far and wide to find the right creators (or merchants) to collaborate with.

  • Paying people and getting paid in this field is hard. A lot of uncertainty and disputes between parties.

  • Sending and receiving products as gifts is inconvenient and complex.

Product solutions

  • Convenient, detailed cross-platform search between merchants and creators.

  • Centralized payment system with tracking of earnings on both ends.

  • The platform is attached to Shopify so all of the gift logistics is processed as regular store orders.

My impact

Information Architecture

I ran user research and created an entirely new IA for the whole product. I crafted the new menu and got the team, including a dozen of stakeholders, to agree on it.

Taxonomy and glossaries

Dovetale had a multitude of terms that were ill-fitting and confusing, according to support tickets and user research. I've reformed the terminology and created a new glossary for the platform. I also organized our UX team to develop Design Principles specific to Collabs.

In-product content

For a long time I was the only Content Designer (UX Writer) on the team, so large parts of the content, especially with the new onboarding and Dashboard, were written by me.

Work in progress slides

How it started

Dovetale wasn't a bad piece of software but it was a far cry from Shopify standards. We had a small yet fierce UX team and it was our job to make sure what we inherited was elevated to match the rest of Shopify.


How it's going

By May 2023, we not only released the new Information Architecture of the app, but completely redesigned Onboarding, Dashboard, Profile editor,  and an Application page editor of the merchant admin.


We shortened the onboarding flow from a 5-pager nightmare into a 3-click joy, which also allowed us to customize future creator recommendations.

We ran tree testing research to create the new IA and moved it into the left-side menu instead of a tiered overhead cluster with multiple synonymous items that Dovetale used to have. 

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Basic details - empty.png

Profile creation used to be part of the onboarding but in the new Collabs, it's later in the flow. This allows merchants some time to look around the app and is no longer and experience blocker, since they only need to fill in the basics when they sign up.

The words

To align the team on the terms used in the product and to weed out outdated Dovetale language, and to comply the terms with Shopify Polaris, I've created a shared glossary in Figma (because nobody reads docs).

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Click the image to view larger version.

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